What we can do for you


Innovation solutions, Research and Development for various fields in this vast wonderful world. We provide our own solutions for your business which will put you and your business to the new level.

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System Development

We provide system development with the latest technologies, converting system architectures allowing for more maintainable, flexible code and over all allowing for better performance.

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Music, Video Presentations

Make your company stand out with our music video presentation. You can have a great, unique product presentation, nice music on the website, video or for your song or music video.

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Reasearch and Development

Web System Development / Intranet Systems

  • Programming Frontend and Backend
  • Database design and maintenance
  • Websites
  • Bespoke Websites
  • Custom Internet Shops
  • Programming Solutions
  • Bespoke Websites


We use the latest technologies, however we also can do work on the old systems.


For many projects, technical documentation can include the parts below (depends on clients needs):

  • Used Technologies - Which are used in the system ? and links to them.
  • API Reference - most of our projects includes api which can be used for many types of external applications.
  • Files - List of most important files within the application
  • Classes/Methods/Functions/Procedures/Subroutines - All details including parameters, dependencies - level selected by the client.
  • Configuration - List of parameters / configurations which can be passed to the application
  • Database - Information about database schema, type, transations, how to make proper backup etc.

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