Music - Video

Presentations which may help you show your products or services different way

Music Examples Piano presentation 1

Piano Motive 1

Example of Piano motive with vocalist. Emotional music which growing as the times goes.

Music presentation - Comeback final arrange by

The Comeback Final Arrange

This is extended version of music which will be on the CD of one of the artists.

Music presentation - Cosmic forces by

Cosmic Forces

Nice music motive with synth bass and some cosmic motives. Reversed percussion parts.

Nexss Piano presentation 1

Piano Motive 1

Example of Piano motive. Calm and emotional music which growing as the times goes.

Music presentation - Right Course by

The Right Course

Some synth with doubled percussion.

Music presentation - Unknown Command by

The Unknown Command

Some nice, clean saxophone motives, growing and quite fast percussion.

Music presentation - Right Time is Coming by

The Right Time is Coming

Some Chineese motives with various bass.

Music presentation - Hiphopotic by


Some Chineese motives with various bass.

Adam Audio Competition by Marcin MAPO Polak

Adam Audio Competition

Adam Audio Competition in 2016

Best is coming by

Best is coming

Some futuristic and cosmic sounds

Piano and Guitar by

Piano and Guitar

Nice Piano and guitar playing together

Hermes by

Hermes Song

Another calm music for background.

Psychodelic Film Score 1 by

Psychodelic Score 1

Some hard psychodelic score with some vocal bg

Movie soundtrack 1 by

Movie Soundtrack 1

Big bangs becoming nice string and piano part

Movie soundtrack 2 by

Movie Soundtrack 2

Some trumpet part as lead

Videos Examples

Before The Final Stage - by

Before The Final Stage

Video is about Thoth - The atlantean, later knows as Hermes Trismegistus.

The Sun positive message - by

The Sun

Positive message that everything is always on time.

Happy Day - Video presentation by

Happy Day

Video was made for the Happy Day track from MAPO album.

Forever Young - Video presentation Forever Young - by

Forever Young - 永遠年輕

Video is made to show people that you can live forever young. All details in the video.

Mission to Mars - Video presentation Mission To Mars - by

Mission To Mars

Comparision Mars to Earth, but also some information about all Mars missions.

The Soundtracks - Video presentation by

The Soundtracks

Video was made as presentation for the whole album MAPO - The Soundtracks.