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Computer Planting Project by Nexss

Computer Planting Project

Research and Development of innovation idea of computer planting through the Internet including social medias integration.

Project 1 - Computer Planting Project - Planting through the Internet

Started in 2014

More information - Pictures and videos can be found at this link Computer Planting - Innovation

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  • Camera - Different types of cameras available. For our purposes we use one of external which producing normal and IR images
  • Temperature - For temperature control - very important - depend on plants
  • Humidity - For humidity control - very important to achieve optimal results
  • Light sensor - to alarm that lights does not work - we can also use camera, but this sensor device can have backup bateries if for example light is broken and send email or some kind of alarm.
  • Rain - to collect information about rain (Outdoor machines)

Display devices

  • For our final prototype we used LCD 16x2
  • All measurements, alarms can be displayed just at the box different kind of devices like small LCD with textual display (done) to different - like color 7” display etc.


  • For prototypes - Arduino and Raspberry PI
  • Computer Vision - OpenCV with C++
  • Sensors - Temperature, Himidity etc.
  • LCD 16x2 - Just simply textual LCD so can display sensors and status
  • Various electronic parts like resistors, transistors, microchips, programators
  • PHP and MySQL (PDO Database driver) for handling application which controls the machine through WIFI.
  • Blender 3D - free open source 3D animation program for presentation of product visions images and animations. Also for make videos.
  • GIMP for image editing

Automatic Sickness Recognition

Stage of Growing
  • Seed stage - From observations seeds are many times totally different or very similar, and we can recognize some plants from a seed.
  • Small plant stage - Small plants may be very similar, so sometimes can be hard to automatically recognize at very early stage
  • Flower Stage - In the research and development we have used Tomato, Pepper and Cucumber as source plants - Flowers are different - Tomato and Cucumber has yellow one but different sizes and start of flower growing
  • Fruit Stage - Obvious recognition.
AI for automatic sickness recognition
  • Getting sick or sick - IR light or special camera can distinguish the plant health. Recording each step and comparing results can give an idea of the plant if is sick or not and if plant is growing at the right time.
  • Sickess recognition - Getting 1 Stage with IR Light and combining functions for computer vision and colors would give idea what the sickness is: I already found the page where the sicknesses of the tomatoes is. There is many similar things like yellow leaves showing the plant don’t have enough magnesium or small little dots that is over-nutrien - to much.
  • Recognition of accurate sickness - We can provide sickness name from our database.
  • Apply automatic right nutriens / Lights depends on the sickness
AI for controllers
  • Lights - On different stage of grow there is need different lights, also when plant is sick we can use UV/IR Lights to get them better
  • Nutrients provider - This applies

Some Notes

  • Watering Systems / Water pumps - We noticed that for example in hydroponics shouldn’t be run all the time the watering system, then roots are getting bigger because plant is starting looking for water, so roots are growing much faster (better roots/better plant/buds)
  • Fans - This is very important for a plant. It's like a gym for humans. The plant becoming stronger and has bigger stalk
  • Himidifiers - To control humidity - very important for the plant because leaves also take water from air or some nutrients are good to spread on the leafes. Even noticed that one plant could survive without watering for long time.
  • Nutriens applicators - Sometimes there is need particular nutrients and different ones need to be applied in right time. Eg N(Nitrogen) and Potassium(K) is fast going down through the soil so needs to be applied carefully so roots have enough time to absorb them

Options for clients

  • Social integration - Users can share photo of their plant automatically through all social medias.
  • Computer Planting App - we made application for controlling the machine from the Internet / through wifi. The first stage is only for Cucumber, Pepper and Tomato
  • Different materials - Gold, Platinum etc. Clients may want to have in their house different kind of box.
  • Modeling / Design Application - In next stages we can provide different models of boxes so they fit to their needs - they can specify size, colors, material, type of plant, what they need, which part of globe they are etc.
  • Camera mobile app - app for recognizing plant sickness - gardener going to the plant, making picture and he knows what is the sickness using our big database of the results. If it is not recognized we just collecting data, and our specialists doing right data to cure it.